1 December 2014

Jorrit Sybesma over EPUBster

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Jorrit Sybesma

The second showcase of the Digital Publishing Toolkit conference on november the 28th highlighted the collaborative work of the subgroup of Valiz, Meeus Ontwerpt and PUNTPIXEL: Context Without Walls – a generative workflow with EPUBster.

The aim of the project was to create a digital (EPUB) version of Common Skin, a publication within the series Context Without Walls. This series of print publications – developed by Valiz and designed by Meeus Ontwerpt – focuses on contemporary artists worldwide through both essays and images.

Jorrit Sybesma from PUNTPIXEL further elaborated on their creation of EPUBster as a web application for the creation and editing of digital publications. The tool was developed as a general purpose tool, although it does have some specific functionalities for Valiz and Meeus Ontwerpt’s “Context Without Walls” series.

Sybesma provided a concise overview of EPUBster by running the audience through the four main components of the tool’s straightforward user interface:

  • its metadata editor;
  • the chapter editor (for the re-arranging of chapters);
  • the functionalities of its content editors (both visual and plain text);
  • the design features (to add a book cover and CSS styling).

The four sections create a very flexible workflow in which the user can switch between sections at any point in the creation process. Once the user has filled in all the required metadata and finished creating, editing and styling chapters and content, the EPUB can be generated. You can read more about the development of EPUBster here.

Text by: Becky Cachia for the Institute of Network Cultures.

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